MDH Dance Studios Showcase:Part 1

Sunday March 7th, MDH Dance Studios Showcase was a HUGE success !

“My Dance Hub” dance studios opened their doors and welcomed back all their talented performers. After hard work, tons of fun and many dance lessons the students perfectly executed their creative showcase numbers as well as their closed and open curriculum. The night was filled with lots of social dancing, great music and of course the fantastic show.

From the slow Waltz to the passionate Tango, from the sultry Rumba to the spicy Salsa, our students have performed better than ever before. Exceptional show numbers were performed by many that night and we hope to continue this trend through out 2021. What a wonderful start to the year!

The show reminded me of this quote :

If I die on my way to the dance, it will be better than to survive having never lifted my feet

by Agnostic Zetetic

Hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed making it for you and please leave us a review because it helps people like you find their sparkle

Thank you so much for being part of our community and we hope you enjoyed MDH Dance Studios Showcase – part1

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