Wedding Dance Lessons

Special Occasion Dance Lessons

You want the first dance for your wedding, anniversary, Quinceañera, or other special occasions to be an unforgettable moment—meaningful for you and eloquent, imaginative, and altogether memorable for your guests.

Customized Choreography and Instructions

At My Dance Hub, we are experts in creating custom choreography and providing dance instruction for your first dance. Many couples/groups arrive with “their” song and a firm idea of the type of dance they want to perform. Other couples/groups look to us for inspiration, for the music, and dance style most suitable for their occasion. Regardless of your circumstances when you walk into the studio, we consider your special occasion unique.

Optimizing Your Location to Design Perfect Dance

We focus on listening to your ideas, understanding your vision, encouraging your dance technique in a light-hearted, relaxing environment, and optimizing your event location to design the perfect dance that reflects your personality, your dreams, and your talents. As your big day approaches, it is not unusual for our instructors to make the time to squeeze in four or five last-minute lessons in a single week to ensure that you are ready for your special event.

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