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Perform In A Dance Showcase

After you have taken the first step and learned to dance, you need a way to display your hard-won dance moves. Showcase performances are great ways to become comfortable with performing in the spotlight. Studio showcases provide you with a means to gain performance experience and to show off your progress to your proud family, friends, and studio colleagues.

Every year My Dance Hub organizes several showcase events that allow you to dance in solo performances with an amateur partner or a professional instructor in front of an audience filled with people that you know. These occasions also showcase stunning dance exhibitions by the studio’s professional instructors and the tightly choreographed, intricate routines of the studio Formation Teams.

While Professional-Amateur (Pro-Am) and Amateur-Amateur (Am-Am) competitions rely on specific routines used by all studio dancers at a particular level, showcase events give free rein to your preferences and creativity. Consult with your instructor on the dance (or dances!) you prefer, choose your own music, and let your ideas for costumes run wild. Our studio experts are on hand to offer advice on choreography and to style your hair and make-up on the big day.

Most of the showcases take place in our own My Dance Hub studio with occasional trips to an outside venue or to an out-of-town recital with a fellow studio.

Studio showcases are not competitive events; there is no judging, just the exhilaration of dancing to your tune. If you do not feel ready to tackle a solo routine, you can still participate in showcases by dancing with your professional or amateur partner and other couples in mini competition heats designed to give potential competitive students the experience of dancing in multi-dance heats.

Showcases always conclude with a dinner and a party where all participants and their guests relax, let loose and watch the professionals take the stage for the show-stopping final performances of the evening.

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