Private Dance Lesson with In-house and Guest Coaches

Private Professional Coaching

My Dance Hub offers you and your professional or amateur partner the unsurpassed opportunity to experience the benefits of a private coaching dance lesson with famous guest coaches or with our own expert, in-house coaches. Your regular instructor is not always able to catch every moment of your performance in lessons; the guest coach can analyze your dancing from an outside perspective, bring a fresh outlook to your routines, and provide a different way of explaining familiar concepts. Going forward, your instructor can help you apply the coaching suggestions in your lessons.

In-House Coaches

Our My Dance Hub professional instructors can also serve as in-house private coaches for you and your professional or amateur partner. Like visiting guest coaches, they work as a team with you and your professional instructor to critique your skills with a new pair of eyes. This option is especially useful as a last minute touch up before a competition.

Guest Coaches

Our studio is fortunate to be able to invite about two visiting coaches each month, giving you the option of learning from the very best national and international professional ballroom dancers. They coach private lessons, choreograph new routines if requested, and teach group classes in the evenings, allowing everyone to be able to work with them.

We have hosted Karina Smirnoff and Jonathan Roberts from “Dancing with the Stars.” Both of these highly accomplished celebrities are well-known as competitive, professional dancers; but as illustrated by their success with amateur dancers on DWTS, they are also gifted instructors of beginning students. Like all of our guest coaches, they understand that you are amateurs who have found great joy in ballroom dancing, and they recognize that performing in front of large audiences is not something that belongs in your everyday routine.

My Dance Hub has hosted the following guest coaches:

  • Our Coaches

  • Ricky Bentzen
  • Ron Montez
  • Martin Cawston
  • Alexandra Perzhu
  • Mikolay Czarnecki
  • Ilya Reyzin
  • Gregory Day
  • Matt Rivers
  • Boriana Deltcheva
  • Jonathan Roberts
  • Tommye Giacchino
  • Dan Rutherford
  • Rauno Ilo
  • Karina Smirnoff
  • Peter Minkov
  • Delyan Terziev
  • Kimberly Mitchell
  • Kristiina Ilo
  • Dan Messenger
  • Helena Liiv
  • Aleksandra Barsukova